The canteen is open every day for lunch orders and also at recess and lunchtime for counter sales. Please note there have been some menu and price changes in the most recent canteen menu. The Lunch Order Procedure is as follows: 1/ On the outside of a paper ‘lunch size’ bag write child’s name, class, lunch order and amount of money enclosed. Please check the menu for correct pricing. I will not provide credit instead I will substitute an item for a cheaper option if insufficient money is given. 2/ If you do not have a lunch bag, you can buy one from the canteen for 10c per bag. Please add this amount to the lunch order. (You can purchase a multiple paper bag pack from your local supermarket) 3/ Please place your money in the bag and fold it so the money is secure. If you are worried about change falling out, some great ideas that parents currently do is to put the folded lunch bag with money inside in a snap lock bag (which we return to you with the lunch order), put money in a separate envelope, wrap in a bit of foil, or plastic wrap.. 4/ If your child does their own lunch order, please double check the money total required (great way for them to practise their maths and writing). 5/ The lunch order must be placed in your child’s grade lunch bag, first thing in the morning. Please make sure that your child places his/her lunch order in THEIR class’s lunch bag not their siblings otherwise it may get misplaced! Please make sure your child knows they have a lunch order for that day, as late orders have to be made after all other lunch orders have been completed. 6/ Your child is welcome to order frozen items on their lunch order, but we DO NOT send these items to class with lunches. We will CIRCLE THESE ITEMS on the bag and your child will need to BRING THE BAG to the canteen during lunch time and we will provide them with the item. 7/ If your Child has forgotten their lunch, we are more than happy to provide them a lunch at your cost. The office will usually advise you first, if they cannot contact you we will still provide them something for lunch and send an invoice home with your child that needs to be paid the next school day. 8/ Due to health Regulations, we are unable to reheat any food that has been brought in from home. If there are any problems with your child’s lunch, please encourage them to come and see us on that day, or see their teacher, so we can rectify the problem there and then.