ICT (Information and Communication Technology) enables students to develop their computer and technology skills in order to create and communicate information and ideas. Every student attends our computer lab once a week where they explore new technology, learn to stay safe online, create movies, design and print in 3D, learn computer coding, produce engaging presentations and learn to become innovative digital citizens.

ICT includes Digital Technologies. Students learn not just how to use computers, but how computers and technologies work. They learn a variety of software including Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and Google Apps for documents, files, email and submitting work. Keyboard and touch typing skills are developed from the early years to help prepare students for upper primary and high school. Coding also develops crucial computational thinking.

Another component of ICT is Design and Technologies in which students practise technical problem-solving, and explore creative design and construction solutions. Students design virtual Lego constructions, 3D cities and 3D printed bridges.

As part of our focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), students think about future technology and contribute to class discussions on topics including design, invention, computer technology, clean energy, sustainability and robotics.
A popular hands-on activity has been the circuit blocks. These are simple electronic parts that students clip together to explore concepts of electrical circuits.

ICT doesn’t just equip students as clever users of digital technology, it encourages them to become technological and design thinkers of the future.