At Langwarrin Primary School students from Foundation to Year 6 will participate in a weekly Indonesian lesson for one semester.

Students will explore culture and traditions whilst developing their language knowledge and communication skills.

Indonesian language and culture is taught through a variety of fun and interactive learning activities such as games, stories, songs and role play where students are encouraged to work together and use their speaking, listening and reading and writing skills.

Studying Indonesian at Langwarrin Primary School allows students to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills for students to:

  • communicate in Indonesian
  • understand the relationship between language, culture and learning
  • develop intercultural capabilities, including understanding of and respect for diversity and difference, and an openness to different experiences and perspectives
  • understand themselves as communicators
  • develop understanding of how culture shapes and extends learners’ understanding of themselves, their own heritage, values, beliefs, culture and identity
  • strengthen intellectual, analytical and reflective capabilities, and enhance creative and critical thinking.